Sunday, January 14, 2007


Rubber Soul - Beatles: okay, I didn't actually record this one cause I already have in on cd. thanks, dad!

The Organ in America - E. Power Biggs: just for the record, before looking I just knew the last track was by Charles Ives. w007! that music education paid off! anyway, I'll probably be burning this onto cd for mom. that's most likely why I picked it up. she plays the organ. sometimes.

A Night at the Opera - Queen: yes, Bohemian Rhapsody. i had some trouble breaking this one up since some of the tracks run together. they have them listed as separate songs but there really isn't a break between some of them. oh well. also I don't know if it's that the laptop won't play back stereo or the mic jack won't record it but there seemed to be some problems. looking at the playback it seems it's not recording correctly. *sigh*

moving on... Where is The Best of Irving Berlin? It's been missing for years, actually. probably being held hostage for some Beatles albums. maaaaaybe it will turn up here, but I doubt it.

The Light Fantastic - The Andre Previn Trio: some nice Gershwin and Porter on this one. oh yeah, it's "A Tribute to Fred Astaire" I wish I could remember which record was the first one I bought, I don't think this one is it, but it was an early aquisition. I'm recognizing most of the songs, going, "oh yeah!" first record may have been the missing Irving Berlin. or ELO, it's a toss up.