Saturday, January 13, 2007


ugh, this first one I've had to listen to two and and half times or so because the volume wasn't set like i thought it was. of all the records to have to listen to more than once......

I Believe in You - Skip Ross: Bo'R most definitely. sounds about how you would expect an album with such a wonderful title by a guy named Skip to sound. heh. I have to share the "letter" from the back cover:

All my life I've wanted to share this music with you. Music that will put sunshine in your life and fling rainbows across your sky. Music that will lift your soul to soar on the wings of hope. Music to give you courage to stretch the boundaries of your dreams. Music that will inspire the finest expressions of love of which you are capable. Music to release the powerful potentials which are already a part of you. Muisc to celebrate freedom...your freedom... that true freedom of the inner man. Music to bring light to your darkness. Music that says, "I beleive in you!" But most of all, music that will cause you to say, "I believe in me!" For then you have found the open door to your possible dream...
Skip Ross

did some googling, turns out he's a motivational speaker.

Look for a Star - Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra: as if to make up for Skip, this record was tucked away in the same sleeve. it has Snowfall on it. Snowfall sounds like something that should have a tropical title, but it doesn't, oh well, I wasn't around for anyone to ask. the other thing I found entertaining is that the title track is from "Circus of Horrors"

The Screen Scene - Peter Nero: mmmmm, Peter Nero. I love his arrangements, and his playing is so crispy. faves on this one... um, Thunderball, Chim Chim Cheree and What's New Pussycat? (which really i would probably like any arrangement of, but here we have two favorites of mine, Bacharach and Nero)