Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I took Maggie to the vet yesterday. she's been throwing up (more than is usual for a cat, three times Sunday night!)and everyone has noticed she's getting skinny (she used to hover around 13 lbs and she's currently at 10). she's still at the vet. not sure what's going on with her yet, they did x-rays and were going to do some bloodwork. seems she is not digesting food properly, but there doesn't appear to be any kind of obstruction. they called this morning to let me know she did fine overnight, ate and drank and didn't vomit, bout like normal for the last month or so, give her a day or two. I'm hoping to hear more this evening. we'll see.

update: of course, as soon as I post the phone rings. most stuff looks okay, but she has a very high count for some particular white blood cell. (looking at this page, i'm guessing eosinophils, notice the regular range there is 100 to 1200, maggie is close to 3000) I can pick her up in about an hour, she gets special food and some medication. they'll test for heartworms and check her thyroid to rule out the "easy" things first. I think she just likes to freak me out when RTO leaves. we were all set to nuke her for a thyroid problem the last time RTO was in Afghanistan, but the preliminary MRI didn't find any tumors. she's just odd.