Monday, May 21, 2007

and now i need a nap....

not sure what I was smoking when I agreed to an 8:30 appointment to drop my car off with Progressive, but I made it. It was relatively painless. They gave me a Pontiac G5 to drive around. Which, I guess is okay though it's a little annoying to try to look out the back window to back up and not be able to see over the seats. I guess I'll live.

got home and thought I'd try to figure out what was going on with Verizon. I get a different story every time I talk to them. They keep trying to tell me the due date has always been the 25th. or maybe that it was changed to the 25th. and I always tell them the ONLY reason the 25th ever came up was because they didn't show up on the 18th. They even called Friday morning to remind me they were coming and be sure someone over 18 was at the house. They also made reminder calls on Wednesday and Thursday. The other explanation floated is that maybe Time/Warner didn't want to transfer my phone number. but then one guy I talked to said that takes time and I told him they'd had OVER 2 WEEKS to do that which he agreed should be plenty of time. at least the person I talked to today said that he would be sure that some kind of credit would be issued to our account for the inconvenience. we'll see.

anyhoo, then I went to Circuit City because their ad in the paper yesterday said seasons 1-5 of 24 were on sale this week for 21.99. RTO has seasons 1 and 4. CC had 1,2,4 and 5. so I picked up 2 and 5. I may try a different CC Wednesday after work to see if they have season 3.

oh, they just called and said my car may be ready June 1st. They have to replace the front driver's side door completely, the outside panel on the back d-side door. whee!