Thursday, May 03, 2007

and so my crap week continues....

details to follow.....

update: m'kay quick recap of my day.

woke up late, called in sick, because the way this week has gone, it just wasn't worth it.
talked to RTO, he'll have some free time this weekend so I can go visit!
bought plane ticket.
rode bike, talked to mom, looked up hotel/weather/things to do info for trip.
cancelled tomorrow's voice lesson.
chatted with RTO online
made reservation for hotel and car
something happened.....
cancelled car, hotel and flight. flight is not refundable, though there's a chance i can get a refund if I can get some paperwork from RTO and the airline accepts it.
called Senator Cornyn. *sigh*
called to make vet appointment for Maggie cause she's been throwing up all day again.

I'm not sure what I can or should say about what goes in the "something happened" line cause I'd hate to get anyone in more trouble. stupid internet.

update 2: electric boogaloo. wife of one of RTO's buddies called around nine o'clock and talked me into going. they think they can sneak the guys out this weekend. if not I'll have a really nice vacation.