Friday, May 25, 2007

okay so the installers really made up for everything else....

They showed up on time. I didn't. and they were nice enough to wait. they replaced the craptacular coax cable that Time Warner wanted to charge me at least 75 bucks to send someone out (again) to do. They hooked up the set top box correctly so that I now get HD on my big honkin tv and they took time to give me a brief overview of the DVR which is much nicer than the one I got from T/W. Fortunately, I tried to call someone after they walked out the door and found out they didn't hook up the phone and I caught them before they had driven off. They claim they weren't given a work order for it (which at this point, I could believe), but they made some calls and got it cleared up and got that working too. so, I'm fairly happy now.