Friday, May 18, 2007

other things I might have covered if i hadn't been hit by a truck yesterday.....

Wednesday was entertaining cause I got a job offer. wasn't expecting that. I guess after a year and a half the place I've been working has decided to cut out the middle-man/temp agency. which is fine with me. I just have to pass a background check. ;D

that got me to wondering if they put a printer at my desk as a bribe. see, a couple weeks ago the computer i work on came down with a bad case of BSoD. so, since then I'd been using a computer in an empty office. (these people are kind of militant about who gets an office and who gets a cube, they had moved a guy out of this office into a cube a few months ago because he technically didn't rate an office, so it was funny that I was in there.) and of course everyone felt compelled to stop and say something funny about it. sooo, Wednesday when I got to work there was a new computer at "my desk" and a printer. I'll probably gain 10 pounds now because I don't have to make five million trips to pick up spreadsheets. oh well.

so today I'm waiting for someone from Verizon to show up to install/setup/whatever they call it new phone/internet/tv service. got a call not long ago that they're behind schedule. great. off to a good start.

update: am I just cursed? someone from Verizon called around 4:30 and said they were running late. it hit 7 and I decided to call. Person at that number tells me it would be too late for anyone to show up and the order was placed late. Oooookay, I made this appointment over 2 weeks ago and they've made several calls the last couple days to make sure that someone was going to be here between 1 and 5 today. RRRAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!