Friday, June 29, 2007

just one of the many reasons I heart C-Span 3

MK: oh hey RTO, they're showin' old footage of your boss!


MK: um, I mean, um, employer or.. something.

RTO: huh?

MK: uh, some Ross Perot thing I think it's election night. 11/3/92. would that have been election day back then?

RTO: I think so....

MK: ah, there it is, it says Perot concession speech. huh.

we caught the tail end of it so he was mainly done speaking and they were have a group sing along. After that they ran an old Booknotes with, um, Carolyn Barta. interesting stuff.

MK: oh, you should ask him about that next time you see him in the hall.

RTO: riiiiiight

anyhoo, it seems that C-span 3 is always running something old. it sometimes relates to current goings on, sometimes not. for example, I watched hearings about the Exxon Valdez accident a month or two ago.