Sunday, June 24, 2007

sibling rivalry....

I know everyone wants the play-by-play on my laptop! it's all I have now that Secret Garden is over with. that and it's a major annoyance with me right now. "but maggie how are you posting?" yes, I'm on the desktop computer we got shortly after we were married. it's 8 years old and is currently quicker than my laptop. w007!

so yesterday RTO's brother called for something and I said something about my laptop. (I'd threatened to ask him to fix it anyway, to "motivate" RTO) so B-I-L says, "I could fix it" suuuuuure, but what could it hurt at this point? says he "knows people" he can get free parts from if needed. (unless we're talkin' motherboard) or he thinks it may be a root virus and he has tools for that. last I heard he was trying to keep it away from his kids. hmmmmmm.

anyhoo, I'm planning on crashing for a couple days and trying to figure out what to do with myself for the next month.