Monday, June 18, 2007

what happened Sunday?

seems I'm not supposed to read the paper. I goofed off last night thinking I could catch up today but instead we spent most of the evening in the dark. The power went out shortly after six, RTO got home and we went and ate and when we got back we had power again, but it went out again around eight. so we took the dog for a walk, ran into some people that I knew from Cinderella. (I found out they live not far from us, which would explain why I keep running into them, last time was at Walmart) then we sat out on the patio for a while got bored with that and made some phone calls and then took a bath, cause I was pretty stinky from being outside for so long. anyhoo, the power didn't come back on till almost 11, RTO says they replaced the transformer, he went out and watched them, for fun I guess.

so before all that I had an audition this afternoon and it was entertaining. I wasn't sure what to expect, as usual, but got in the theater and found out I knew the pianist and that helped. she was all, "they only want to hear 16 bars" ooookay, let's do these. sang them and was asked what else I brought, told them and they said, "and...." um, "you have a belt song?" BWAH HA HAAaaaa. made do with something and then as I was leaving they asked how old I was. so I told RTO I'm gonna start smoking and drinking because apparently everyone thinks I'm a mezzo. might as well make it happen. ;D