Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday records

oddly enough, RTO isn't watching football. so I'm subjecting him to records. heh.

The Best of Mancini - Composed an Conducted by Henry Mancini: RTO sez, "what, no Pink Panther?" nope, no Pink Panther theme. Seeing as how the album is copyrighted the same year Pink Panther was released I guess it makes sense. Although, there is an ad on back for the soundtrack. oh well, people had to hear it first. Anyway, there are some T.V. things I've never heard on here, Timothy, Lujon, Fallout! No idea where they came from.

Sounds of the Sixties - Album 3 - Various Artists: Where to start.... The first track, Drink More Milk by Henry Mancini had RTO marching around the kitchen while making lunch. Later though, he couldn't recognize the big band sounding I Want to Hold Your Hand arranged by Si Zentner. Let's see, oh, it also had Midnight in Moscow by Peter Nero from my favorite of his albums, Hail the Conquering Nero. Anyway I got this one many years ago from my grandparents along with album 5. I thought surely I got the rest of the set more recently when they moved, but I don't see it here. : (

Sounds of the Sixties - Album 5 - Various Artists: a lot of the same "artists" as the previous album. Peter Nero, Si Zentner, Floyd Cramer, John Gary, Living Guitars, Henry Mancini. And some tasty tunes, A Hard Day's Night, What's New Pussycat, The Girl from Ipanema, and finally the Pink Panther theme (but not by Mancini, by Frankie Carle, His Piano and Orchestra) Anyway, RTO chuckled when The Song of the Coo Coo started up.

Nostalgia - Living Strings: eh, it's a snoozer.