Saturday, October 13, 2007

late night records....

RTO has been to OKC and back since yesterday, so he conked out early... after I tortured him with watching Night Watch. (I liked it because while it was an action flick, you had to pay attention to figure it out, and it all eventually made sense. it's the "eventually" part that RTO hated) anyway... on to confusing record....

Golden Anniversary Album - Various artists: I was confused as to whose golden anniversary it was. I've settled on Chevrolet. so, it's just a random collection of RCA Victor tracks, heavy on big band sounds. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, blah, blah, blah. It was nice to hear Louis Armstrong doing I've got the World on a String. and the one that struck me as odd was Solitude by Duke Ellington... the vocalist is , oh, wait it says there are four.... ugh, well, there's a really high soprano, which I'm just not used to hearing in this genre.

Golden Moments with Maryland Club - Martin Denny: um, I'm not sure what's up with the title. oh, looks like it's an album especially printed for Maryland Club Coffee. "The coffee you'd drink if you owned all the coffee in the world" mmmmm. anyway, lovely, exotic Martin Denny.

Denny's music floats from note to note spurred by a gentle wave-like beat that softly raps at the door of quiet relaxation.

such lovely, dreamy tunes as Tenderly and Ebb Tide.

Hail the Conquering Nero - Peter Nero: FINALLY! on of my favorite albums and the beginning of my love (and later hate) of Mr. Nero. (Why did he get so lazy!?) anyway, side two has got to be the best thing going here, has the two tracks that often get stuck in my head, Never on Sunday and Anna. He just tears up the piano on those two. the opening tune, Midnight in Moscow is also good and it's usually the track that shows up on other albums. Even on the slower tunes he still delivers crisp playing and a few embellishments that keep things moving.