Saturday, October 13, 2007

saturday night records

Burt Bacharach - Burt Bacharach: *sigh* researching..... WHY BURT!? I'd forgotten that his latest solo album (of new material) was "controversial". anyway, on to this album... from 1971. I get the impression he must really like Wives & Lovers cause there's a six minute arrangement of it on here and it was one of the few songs he sang when we saw him in concert. And thanks to this page I know who was singing on some of the other tracks, because they are not listed on the album cover. There's just something about One Less Bell to Answer that I really like and Cissy Houston probably has something to do with it, she interprets his songs well. There are also quite a few odd instrumentals on here, "And the People were with Her" and Freefall. and I'm curious about what the story is behind Hasbrook Heights.

Hawaii in Hi-Fi - Leo Addeo and His Orchestra: hmmmm, they kind of cheat here, is there a Miami shore in Hawaii? and what's up with Hindustan? Still they cover the important tunes, Aloha Oe and Sweet Leilani and My Little Grass Shack. Overall Mr. Addeo does some nice arranging the sound is a bit more orchestral than most "Hawaiian" albums I've heard so far. RTO and I have a joke about how you can play anything on accordion and it becomes German. (we went to this German restaurant one night and they had these two ladies playing live, one on accordion and, um, I don't remember what the other lady was playing.... anyway, we heard some interesting pop tunes.) so, here it seems they've decided that adding steel guitar makes a tune Hawaiian. Not that it isn't a nice effect, but still, there are enough popular Hawaiian tunes to fill out a whole album without bringing in On Miami Shore.