Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Dell Financial Services has been calling us almost every day since last Friday. (they took yesterday off, after calling the house twice on Sunday) anyhoo, it's this annoying automated system at first that says something like, "M.W. Katzen, we want to talk to you about your account, just enter your zip code or SSN" uh, seeing as I don't have an account with them, I'm not giving them my SSN, but then my zip code doesn't match. so Friday, the first time, I stayed on the line and eventually got a person and told them I was a little concerned that they got the name about half right (I would be M.M.), but that I don't have an account with them. ooookay, we'll remove your number. Saturday, I just used the automated system to let them know they had the wrong number. Sunday I waited for a person, was told it was fixed and then they called again two hours later, that person said it would definitely be fixed when the system updated at 9 p.m. then they called tonight. RTO talked to them this time. so I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

anyhoo, the other thing is, um, different. RTO's dad is running for public office and wanted a picture of everyone (RTO and brother and spouses and kids) for campaign purposes. I dunno, I'm not crazy about the idea mostly cause we weren't really asked, just told he'd like to do it and would this weekend be okay? (maybe he asked RTO I don't know) anyhoo, it's not like a major thing, not much chance anyone I know would see it, but still a little more publicly political than I like to be, which is not at all if I can help it. I know, I know, it makes no sense, but it's makin' me cranky.

maggie's going back to the vet tomorrow cause I think we'd all feel better if we knew for certain what was up with her. i've been terrible about giving her the antihistamine and she's been coughing even more. *sigh*