Thursday, January 10, 2008

little thing

so I've had this wire glued to the back of my bottom teeth since forever ago. (1992 to be exact, when they finally took my braces off. I had them from 7th grade to just before my senior year of high school started maybe a few days after, I don't remember except mom was happy I wouldn't have them in my Senior picture.)

yesterday, I was gnawing on the one lb. chocolate Santa and managed to knock one end of it loose. so I was thinking I'd call around today and see if anyone could fix it or take it out or whatever. but then I'm feeling kind of puny today and stayed home and RTO's getting ready/already left for Ft., um, something in Washington state. anyhoo, so I'm eating my leftover chicken sammich from the other night and the wire came completely off. How out of it am I? so out of it I was thinking, "WHY IS THERE A PIECE OF WIRE IN MY SAMMICH!?... oh, that's mine."

so the whole rest of the day I've been sitting here running my tongue along the back of my bottom teeth and it's kind of weirding me out. I think I'm holding my jaw in a different position or something because of it. it just feels so different. there's still little metal squares on the back of a couple teeth, it's just the wire that was attached to them is gone.