Tuesday, March 04, 2008


so, it snowed tonight, but it didn't stick to anything. another gray day.

I'm this close to finishing another bebe blanket. (it's all knitted, I just need to hide all the loose ends) haven't decided yet what my next project will be. i'm thinking some kind of cross-stitch or needlepoint, but there's some organizing that needs to be done beforehand.

or I've got fabric for a skirt and perhaps by the time I finished it, it would be warm enough to wear it. unless it turns out hideous of course.

I've been recording in bits and pieces lately, um, let me think.... since Der Freischutz there's been Manon Lescaut (with Caballe and Domingo), Falstaff (eh, I'd have to live with this one a while to appreciate it, I think), Abduction from the Seraglio (kinda short and simple compared to the Mozart I'm familiar with) and a couple of Beverly Sills albums (Bellini & Donizetti Heroines and Plasir D'amour) she r0x0rz on the Bellini and Donizetti, the French stuff is kinda hit or miss. to me anyway. Today was a couple sides of Otello, which I'm having a hard time following in the old Schirmer score I've got. the type is kinda squirrelly and I think the english person tried to stick close to Shakespeare. so it's an English "translation" of an Italian "translation" of the original English. Those kinds of things always turn out well.

oh, and hey, my sleep times are completely wonky lately. hopefully I'll get it straightened out tomorrow. har! current plan is to hit the polling place after therapy. should be interesting to see how busy it is (or isn't, though i'm guessing it's more likely to be "is")

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