Friday, April 04, 2008

Hey mom!

It's a musical about an accountant. but it, um, sounds kind of strange. go figure.

Darkly comic and heartbreakingly beautiful, Adding Machine, a musical adaptation of Elmer Rice's incendiary 1923 play, tells the story of Mr. Zero, who after 25 years of service to his company is replaced by a mechanical adding machine. In a vengeful rage, he murders his boss. An eclectic score gives passionate and memorable voice to this stylish and stylized production, which follows Zero's journey to the afterlife in the Elysian Fields where he is met with one last chance for romance and redemption.

cast recording is tentatively scheduled to come out in June.

oh, also, PBS is running a recent production of Company. oops, not where you live. our local station is running quite a few of the Met HD broadcasts recently too. I watched Hansel and Gretel last weekend (pretty trippy). and Gounod's Romeo et Juliette is slated for this Sunday.