Monday, April 21, 2008


these actually took me a few days, but whatevs.
Songs of Faith and Joy: another (and the last one I have... for now) Reader's Digest set. Eight records of 70's variety show fare. okay, maybe half of it was a little more traditional, but I can only handle so much banjo and tambourine.

Close to You - Perry Como: even older Como. this site says it's a compilation. okay, but he was flailing enough for RTO to comment that he sounded old ("Stick to songs from your own era old man!") and I didn't notice much difference vocally amongst the tracks. anyhoo, two records! of contemporary stuff. sadly, Close to You was flawed so I couldn't get a clean recording of it. some interesting song choices to be sure. What were the people that wrote I think I Love You smoking?

Love Story - Soundtrack: kinda short, which is probably for the best because how many different ways can you really do that theme? you got piano solo, jazzy harpsichord, piano concerto style. um, and a couple classical pieces thrown in. Should I see the movie?

Winchester Cathedral - Lawrence Welk: um, it's Lawrence Welk. I'd never heard the title track before. or Walking on New Grass. other than that there were some faves on here, Summer Samba, Mas Que Nada, and Family Affair.