Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Records

why, yes I have been recording things I got from my grandparents...

The Best of Lawrence Welk: um, okay. There were a few things here I didn't recognize, like Yellow Bird and Scarlett O'Hara. They kinda make Theme from My Three Sons boring. can't quite pin down the instrumentation, but it's light.

Mellow Hits for the 80s - The Living Strings and The Living Voices: two albums of cheese. okay, so there are a few here I wasn't sure about the year. Looked up top 100 for 1980 (copyright for the album) and quite a few are there. yes, even number 1, Call Me. the other top ten would be Do that to me One more Time, this is mellow hits after all. hmmm, tracking down the few questions, I Don't Want to Walk Without You was released by Barry Manilow. I guess it wasn't on the chart long enough to be on the top 100 for the year. Anyhoo, RTO caught Babe and was really amused, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

My Cup Runneth Over - Ed Ames: This is one of those that I love the jacket blurb.

As in the beautiful ballad serving as the title tune of the LP, here is a cup that runneth over. In the show-stopping song from "I Do! I Do!", the abundance is of love. In Ed Ames' new album, it's the wine of enchanted listening. Savor it and drink in a baritone voice that has the deep flavor and rich consistencey of the finest sherry.

well done, Arnold Shaw. Anyhoo, other songs from shows I've never heard of include, In the Arms of Love (from What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?) and Au revoir (from Sherry!). Melinda was interesting and not the tune you usually hear from On a Clear Day you Can See Forever, which made me think of Robert Goulet, heh. Ames has a bit lighter, more even voice.