Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday recording....

The Sound of Music - Original Soundtrack Recording: It's been ages since I've seen the movie and grown to hate it. bwah ha ha haaaa. Julie Andrews isn't quite as annoying here as in other things I can remember. oh well, I never seem to remember Something Good, even after just having heard it, nope, drawing a blank here. but perhaps it's time to give the movie another shot, because as much as I love other Rodgers and Hammerstein shows, I'd think I'd like this too.

Exotica - Martin Denny: I was thinking I accidentally had two of these, but I haven't recorded it before, so maybe not. Anyhoo, It's the mother ship! and I found it for only 99 cents at a local thrift store, so of course, it's also really scratched up. Still, it was an interesting listen. The sound over all is very "live", not as polished at what would come later in this genre. most exciting.

Phases of the Moon - Traditional Chinese Music: exactly what it says it is. According to the liner notes most of these were recorded in 1980 by the Central Broadcasting Traditional Instruments Orchestra and he (Earl Price) threw in a couple of older things because he liked them. Anyhoo, I suppose it's an acquired taste, from what I can hear it sounds like they mostly use strings and woodwinds with some percussion. and they play in unison a lot.

Nostalgia The unforgettable songs of Italy's Carlo Buti: yep, interesting voice, I'll let Wikipedia explain a bit:

His unique warm and melodic "tenorino" style of high quasi-falsetto phrasing sung in the "mezza voce" made him an international success.

so, Italian pop tunes, or more correctly, pop tunes in Italian (La Vie en Rose, for one). here you can hear a clip of Vivere, which was on this album, on YouTube. I wouldn't mind hearing some more of his work.

Ferrante and Teicher play Tonight and other favorites: I think mom and dad are working on this arrangement of Tonight. without the orchestra, of course. I could have done without the singing too. It was high cheese. like two pianos aren't enough, guys? RTO asks, "How many versions of Moon River does one person need" as many as it takes, RTO, as many as it takes.

Hawaii Calls: Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands with Al Kealoha Perry: eeeeeeee! I hope this is the last Hawaiian album, really, it was fun at first, but, I'm done.

I Love Paris - Michel Legrand and his Orchestra: Apparently, this was his first album. He'd go on to win awards for all kinds of stuff. (Yentl!) Anyhoo, it's a pleasant enough album with lots of songs about Paris all crammed in and bookended with I Love Paris (in the springtime....) I was slightly annoyed that they all run together, but whatever, I'll get over it. at least he changes up the instrumentation throughout.