Saturday, May 03, 2008

late saturday record

RTO's out of town, my sleeping is off thanks to the dead thing in my sinuses...

Time, Time - Ed Ames:
had to check the date on this when I saw that the Beatles' Michelle was on here. 1967. anyhoo, looks like an Ed Ames fest tonight (we'll see if I make it through the next one) he's pretty straight forward really, never foofs anything up much and he's very much about the solid technique to my ears. mmmmm, legato.

Opening Night with Ed Ames: show tunes! including a few that I've never heard of. who remember the musical Jennie? There's two selections from it here, Before I Kiss the World Goodbye and Where You Are. a couple things from The Fantasticks and he wraps up with As Long as (S)he Needs Me. (okay, I added the parentheses, just so's you know that's totally not the original version. ever.)