Sunday, May 04, 2008

sunday records

The Best of Eddy Arnold: could have used more yodeling. maybe that's just me, but my ears didn't perk up until Cattle Call, and that was the last track. also I was wondering if he was considered a country singer and according to Wikipedia he was. it was hard to tell because he doesn't have a nasal sound and the arrangements were kinda heavy on light orchestra sounds. huh.

The Best of the 50's - Various artists: not sure who decided these were the "best". The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane by the Ames Brothers? Rock and Roll Waltz by Kay Starr? oh well, there were a few other things I'd heard before such as The Loveliest Night of the Year by Mario Lanza and Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado (though I think this was a Herb Alpert fave...) and it was nice to hear Eartha Kitt singing something other than Santa Baby (C'est si bon)

Captain and Tennille's Greatest Hits: too bad RTO wasn't here for this one. anyhoo, I took the shrinkwrap off of this one so I could see the pictures of them in hawaiian shirts on the beach. I still don't get Muskrat Love. but I do like Tennille's voice, was thinking she'd made an appearance in the area recently, but I can't find it, so maybe I'm smokin' crack on that one. They did, however release a Christmas Album this last year. anyway, I can't add much on this. fun stuff.

The Singles 1969 - 1973 - The Carpenters: I had to do some checking because there was another Carpenters album stuffed in here.... listening to it now. Anyhoo, it's the Carpenters! and even though it's singles a couple of the tracks ran together, I had to leave Rainy Days and Mondays and Goodbye to Love together as one track. reading the liner notes I found out about their connection to Burt Bacharach. I guess that explains a lot. that and the overdubbing.

The Carpenters: um, why did they let Richard sing anything but backups? heh, only on a couple tracks here, but still, what were they thinking? his tracks (Saturday and Druscilla Penny) also stood out for being different stylistically, trying to sound old-timey with honky-tonk piano and harpsichord riffs. whatevs. Couple of hits on here, Rainy Days and Mondays and Superstar and um, maybe For All We Know. and then there's the Bacharach/David Medley, kinda dissapointing, they speed through one verse and chorus of six songs in five and a half minutes and there aren't always smooth segues, it's like, "oh crap it's time of a new song! go! go!" kinda like watching Greg Gutfeld on Red Eye. NEXT!