Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday records

we're getting close to the end... no really.

Destination Rome - The Monte Cristo Strings:
Recorded in Italy! anyhoo, they play all the hits in a pretty straight-forward manner, but it's still nice. good album for an afternoon I'm trying to stay cool.

Sacred Songs by the Northlanders of Sweden: um, yeah, a couple of guys singing sacred songs, most of which I've never heard. The big mystery is WHAT is the bushy eyebrowed one playing? I'm gonna have to get a picture of it, here in a bit. The other one plays accordion, which made for a very jaunty sounding Onward Christian Soldiers.

There ya go. It's got ten strings, six with fret and four off to the side from the top part of the neck. It looks like maybe some kind of Harp-Guitar, except for the body shape. so Harp/???

Tribute to Jerome Kern - Ping Pong Percussion: they're no Persuasive Percussion. I didn't figure out what they were doing until I was breaking it up into tracks. so, here's the formula... Start every track with random percussion sounds alternating between left and right channels and then have the orchestra come in with a really snoozy version of the song. honk-shoo.

Quiet Music - Various Artists: actually, this is Volume 4. I'm guessing I picked this up because it has In a Persian Market on it. Otherwise, it's a mix of pop and classical tunes, mostly orchestral. I did learn that the Entr'acte Gavotte from Mignon is fairly popular. I've heard it a lot before, just didn't know what it was.