Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday records

counted the other night and there are only 19 left to go! RTO doesn't believe me. whatevs.

Love Story - Andy Williams: he's sounding a little worn here and made some poor choices in songs. I think I Love You? no. just, no. My Sweet Lord was really entertaining once the very proper sounding choir came in. Old people should sing old people music. unless they're being funny on purpose.

It's Up to Us - Anadarko High School Mellotones: heh.

Bobby Randquist said, "The Mellotones will never die in the hearts of those who were in the group. We hope we also provided some pleasant moments for those who heard us sing."

yes you did, but I can't decide if it was South Wind, Banana Boat Song or To Sir with Love that was more pleasant. ;D

p.s. you're easy to pick out of the basses.