Saturday, June 28, 2008

random Saturday....

felt like a strange day. probably because I worked yesterday and I'm going back to the office Monday. I was telling RTO about how I made a deal with myself that if I made it to the office on time Friday I was going to get a pilates dvd. I made it so I stopped at Walmart on the way home. (also had to get more allergy medication and some random other things, but anyway). I've been meaning to add something different to the fairly regular pedaling I've been doing and I'm feeling extra motivated thanks to Sarahk and Susan doing the Wii fit thing.

Anyhoo, I'd kinda hoped to find the dvd version of the Denise Austin tape I have. (yeah, she's cheesy, I giggle, it works) but as you can see, it's kinda old. so I opted for a 10 minutes solutions thing. I have a couple other of their dvds and it helps because I can tell myself, "I'll just do ten minutes and if I feel like doing more, great! if not, I'm done, no biggie"

so I tried a few of the workouts out this morning/afternoon/whatever and spent most of my time just twitching on the mat attempting some approximation of the moves after the first ten minutes. I burned a few muscles I didn't even know existed.

so then, RTO made some nachos and I was reading the paper and saw that Snuffer's was celebrating their 30th anniversary today and half of all cheese fry sales were going to be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. RTO hadn't ever been there either, so we went to the one in Rockwall.

stopped at Target on the way home and bought a grill because they were on sale and a couple days ago RTO had said he could use a new one.

and then we watched War Games, which I didn't realize was such a treat for RTO.untill I saw he made a post about it. ;D