Monday, July 14, 2008

and in other ramblings....

I'm beat.

we went up to OKC this weekend to see my family (and RTO had drill). Met Kris and her family for lunch on Friday. It was tasty and fun. Fried pies. mmmmmm. (She has a picture here and yes, I was bad and cut my hair Wednesday and was thinking it looked maybe okay, but seeing that picture, maybe not. *sigh* but people, it's been reaching 100 degrees for days and i just couldn't take it anymore. anyhoo, I feel better knowing I made it look bad than that I paid someone to make it look bad.)

speaking of heat, my cousin had his wedding reception outside Saturday afternoon. It was surprisingly comfortable. There were lots o' trees. just kinda strange being there without RTO. I was feeling like the odd man out like when he was deployed. "don't mind me, I'm just not all here"

visited my grandparents for lunch on Sunday. looked at old yearbooks because dad mentioned he'd seen where his second grade teacher had died recently. (I don't remember most of my teachers. oh well.) and then mom and dad went to Tulsa and I conked out after a while waiting for RTO to be done with drill and we got to bring some other soldier to Dallas with us because he needed a ride

wasn't planning on doing much today or tomorrow. wound up moving the recording stuff into the front bedroom. (we has a kitchen table now!) and rearranging a shelf of action figures. and vacuuming the living room and working out and I think I injured my right quadricep. it's not happy so really, nothing tomorrow.