Thursday, July 10, 2008

midweek blah

I keep thinking I'll post more, and then I don't. I've been trying to find a good balance between work and computer time and non-computer time at home. been doing some needlework while watching lots o' TV.

watched the Met La Fille du Regiment the other day and it was highly entertaining. Unfortunately there was some kind of glitch on Sunday so I didn't get La Boheme recorded. (The dvr said it did but then you'd hit play and it was like it was an invisible version with no sound so the tv just kept showing whatever it was you were watching at the time)

also have watched most of the George Sanders things. (found out the 3rd was his birthday and that's why TCM ran so many movies) he makes a really hammy villain for the most part, it's all probably part of some Oscar curse, really.

heh, here. between him and Stanwyck it's a wonder there's anything not mangled with teethmarks at the end of this clip.