Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday stupid...

so I'm driving to my lesson and think, "oh, I should take my ipod out of it's case." (cause I record them ,but the recorder(kinda like this one) won't fit on there with the silicon thinger on it) but ipod's not in my purse. I don't remember taking it out of there. Oh crap. I probably left it at work. so, I get through my lesson and I'm thinking I'll just stop by the office, then realize, "hey, I can call H___ and ask her to see if it's there" so I call her, she says it's not there. hmmmmm. So I'm still trying to reconstruct my Thursday and I think, "I didn't even listen to it at work yesterday cause I was filing the whole time." that's when I remember I plugged it into the charger last night, because the recorder burns through the battery pretty quickly.