Monday, March 23, 2009

"I gave heem back to his family"

Been watching The Great Waltz tonight. lots of strange little actors. So I was looking up Miliza Korjus. Mostly because RTO's been making rude comments about her singing. Anyhoo, came up with this article from TIME from 1944 and I love how they put her accent in the quotes.

Even today, Miliza Korjus' vocal career is hard pressed by her zest for life. She dislikes singing in opera houses. "Averybody ees perspiring around," she explains, "the preema donnas are screaming, the stagehands are shouting. I am much uncomfortable een opera performances—besides, I do not like to haf to look over the heads of all the tenors" (she stands about 5 ft. 7 in her stocking feet).

anyhoo, here's a clip from the movie