Friday, April 10, 2009

early morning

Had to take maggie to the kitty dentist this morning...

do you have any idea where you're going?

probably drove by the place five times before I found it and of course any time I changed direction or hit the breaks maggie had to comment. I kept checking the map on my phone, they had told me they were just south of 635 on Coit. and they were it's just it was a tiny building amongst a bunch of office towers that had this little tooth shaped sign on the side that said "Vet dentist".

So, I got maggie all checked in and the vet explained to me what they would be doing, apparently she has the kitty equivelent of cavities and she's probably going to have many teeth pulled today. they will call with updates throughout the day.

update: they called and said they would definitely pull two teeth and did I want to fill the third or pull it? um, what would you do? fill it. okay.

update 2: just got a call that she made it through and I can pick her up after 3:30.

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