Tuesday, June 16, 2009

puppy training update....

so I actually read the little homework page that the instructor gave us and some of their suggestions are slightly different than what she had us do in class. For example, for "leave it" the sheet said to have a treat in your hand and close your hand if the dog tries to eat it, once they get that down you can move on to throwing the treat on the floor. So I did that today and Roxie seems to understand.

The other thing was we'd pretty much given up on ever walking Roxie in a completely calm manner. The instructor had suggested we try an Easy Walk Harness but they haven't had the correct size for Roxie. saw one today at Target and bought it and OMG does it work! it only took a couple of tries for her to figure out that pulling us wasn't going to work. RTO was all, "Look I can use one finger to hold the leash" near the end of our walk.

They make one for kitties, too, but RTO says "No".