Thursday, June 11, 2009

silly puppy tricks....

at tonight's class we worked on "Leave it", "Take it" and "Drop it". for "leave it" we'd drop a treat on the floor tell her to "leave it" and try to distract Roxie with another treat and not pay attention to that other treat until we told her it was okay to "Take it". anyway, something she did at one point reminded me of this(language warning, but most hilarious, sad looking dog evar!).

Anyhoo, she's apparently bored with her treats now or has ADHD. we were the only ones that made it tonight, but she was all over the place. She knows the clicker means treats, but then she would get to RTO and he'd ask her to sit and she'd just turn like, "I don't really feel like doing that right now, there's possibly something interesting in the corner over there"

Hopefully, I'll be better about "doing our homework" this week.