Friday, October 08, 2010

things to do today....

write letter to neighbor apologizing for any damage my dog may have caused in her house.

get allergy shot

drop off donations


It's the first one that's going to be fun. Was taking the dogs for a walk, going out the garage door and dogs from across the alley were out. Roxie got away from me and got a hold of the bulldog (there was also a dachsund, but he was smart enough to not get within reach of my dogs). they wrestled a bit and wound up going through the doggie door and I waited a couple minutes until Roxie came out. Who knows what happened. Then Roxie took off to see the rest of the neighbors. I went ahead and took Sophie around the park and figured someone would have found Roxie by the time we got back, if she didn't find us first. Sure enough, there was a message from someone down the block. Everybody's home now.

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