Tuesday, December 14, 2004

They must be getting desperate

had RTO blindly fax my resume to some places yesterday. I was thinking I only applied for p/t things, but someone just called about a position that was full-time and maybe extra sometimes. blech, no thanks. But, I do have an interview tomorrow with Brook Mays, how cool would that be? also heard back from a CPA firm, but how worried should i be that his email is showbizcpa? well, we'll see if we hear anything else from them. sooooo, any suggestions on how to explain why I left my last job? I just told f/t person that my husband had been overseas for a year and when he came back he had a month o' vacation time and no way was I going to get that kind of time off so I quit. sound bad? it was a good way to get out graciously, you know, but you aren't supposed to say things like that are you? They were driving me nuts! this was my chance! besides how often is RTO going to be gone for a year? it will be at least another year, and lots can change before then. I don't know, I think deep down inside, i really want to hold out for teaching music, but I need to get some students. hello? maybe i will call the paper today. oh, and if anyone knows how i could post audio files i'd really like to know about it.