Saturday, October 03, 2015

work, work, and more work

which is the answer I gaave to "what expectations do you have for year end?"  just hit the end of a quarter so it's been busy.  and work has really cut into my reading time.  so the last George Elliot novel, Daniel Deronda, took me forever. anyway, really not supposed to talk about work for Big Payroll.  it keeps me busy, and awake.

We managed to sell the Texas house and move into the OK house, now we're waiting to unpack more stuff after the painters have done their thing, which will be at the end of the month. It's nice to have critters again anyway. and sleep in my own bed.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Has it really been a month?

I guess so.  I usually try to post when I finish a book, cause I come here to update my list, but I've skipped the last couple, I think.  Anyway, things are moving on both house fronts.  Don't want to get too optimistic, it could still all fall apart (it is Friday after all)  but if things go as planned we should be in our new house in about a month.

I start a new job Monday, was supposed to start this week, but when they did my background check it pulled a felony conviction for some other"maggie katzen".  She had a different middle initial and the arrest was before my name was even "katzen" but they had to wait to get it all sorted out. guess I will have to move my animal visiting to Saturday.

anyway, I'll be off now to see what book the trunk stash offers up.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

just shoot me naow

house is still on the market. ugh. I'm starting to worry about not seeing it on a regular basis.  on the plus side, I'm one step closer to getting all my stuff together so I can maybe go back to work.  Not a whole lot happening. We visit the animals on Fridays. and I've been reading a lot.

Monday, July 13, 2015

stupid month

thought we'd sold the house twice now. but nooooooo.  anyhoo, originally thought we had to be out by July 6th, so when they cancelled we went ahead and put our stuff in storage. so we're currently living at my mom and dad's in Edmond. it's good that the house we're interested in is going to take forever to close, cause selling our house is becoming a problem.  We were going to ask for less and not fix things, but now it's looking like we'll have to make some repairs. which is really fun from over 200 miles away.

Anyhoo, Ella was taken to the Humane Society to find a new home. Everyone else is currently boarding in Norman.  They will let us go visit, which RTO plans on doing every other day. transporting them wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, they were relatively quiet.

finally getting some reading done, though, so there's that.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


so on top of selling the house, Ella has decided she can't stand Sophie and they've had a few altercations.  Ella is currently in quarantine at the vet because she bit me, and we've posted on some pet sites that she needs a home where she'll be the only dog. In the mean time, Sophie seems to be getting paranoid.

so I'll be in OKC some soon to look at houses. and RTO will be "home" finally starting tomorrow. if things work out we won't be here much longer. I've been trying to pack more stuff, but it's slow going, cause I'm just lazy I guess. or a little overwhelmed, take your pick.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

insert title here

not much going on.  RTO has started annual training. The realtor sent out a couple to clean and help pack up the house. so most of the books are now out in the garage.  I kept a box o' records so I have something to do for the next month or two before we move. 

still can't walk dogs, but I have been given permission to do some light stationary biking. finally got around to that today. keeping the brace for another three weeks at least.

we've had some plumbing adventures here the last week, had water in the living room near the wet bar because the drainage line backed up. emptied that out and then found roots in the line out front.

having a quiet saturday here, just finished The Paris Wife.  Makes me think I should give Hemingway a second chance. also went to the store for lunches for the week and cereal. probably gonna take a nap and start the next/sixth Nikki Heat book later, haven't included those on my "things I'll admit to reading" list cause they're pretty light, like reading an episode of Castle really except the names are changed. oh well, fun stuff.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now it can be told...

RTO was fired a few weeks ago, but he's already accepted a new job.  only thing is it's in Oklahoma City, so we'll be moving. I think he'll really like this job, it's with the Oklahoma Military Department, and my family is up there too.

Still haven't been able to walk the dogs.  I see the doc again on the 19th, so we'll see if I can start up again soon.  I have a gigantic brace on my leg at the moment, and people ask me what happened. hard to believe it's been over a month since it happened. The dogs haven't gone as crazy as I thought they might, thankfully.  RTO walks them when he's home.

oh yeah, RTO's already working in OKC so it's making things... interesting. anyhoo, I'm busy worrying about things that haven't happened yet, like, what happens if our house sells before we find one in OKC, where will our dogs and kitties go? cause I looked at rent houses and if they even allow pets they want an arm and a leg for each one. and how much can RTO help pack. oh, gotta find a mover. yippee. hopefully Carlos will be helpful this time as well.  (I joke that his liking one of the moving estimators was why I picked that company for our move to Garland from Tulsa)