Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now it can be told...

RTO was fired a few weeks ago, but he's already accepted a new job.  only thing is it's in Oklahoma City, so we'll be moving. I think he'll really like this job, it's with the Oklahoma Military Department, and my family is up there too.

Still haven't been able to walk the dogs.  I see the doc again on the 19th, so we'll see if I can start up again soon.  I have a gigantic brace on my leg at the moment, and people ask me what happened. hard to believe it's been over a month since it happened. The dogs haven't gone as crazy as I thought they might, thankfully.  RTO walks them when he's home.

oh yeah, RTO's already working in OKC so it's making things... interesting. anyhoo, I'm busy worrying about things that haven't happened yet, like, what happens if our house sells before we find one in OKC, where will our dogs and kitties go? cause I looked at rent houses and if they even allow pets they want an arm and a leg for each one. and how much can RTO help pack. oh, gotta find a mover. yippee. hopefully Carlos will be helpful this time as well.  (I joke that his liking one of the moving estimators was why I picked that company for our move to Garland from Tulsa)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Dr. Tiny Katzen was wrong.  turned out to be deep bone bruising and a sprained other ligament. 

Anyway, things happening here I don't think I'm allowed to talk about yet.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dr. Tiny Katzen

doing internet searching, I'm guessing torn ACL.

supposed to get an MRI so we'll see if I'm right.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

show's over

nothing on the radar. going to catch up some at home.

knee is still hurting... it was better when i didn't walk for a week, but then I walked and striking the set Sunday made it worse. so not walking dogs again.

started a new cross stitch project.. some bird ornaments. not nearly as difficult as the eagle thing, except there's gold metallic thread involved, ,which I hate. oh well.

oh, and I have a new niece, Scout. she was born the 1st and I went to OKC last week to see her. tiny. I've been told most babies are. ok.

got the front room painted and got rid of some high voice/soprano music in the process. freed up some space for all the stuff piled on the piano.  guest bathroom is next.  Matt came by last night to help get the mirror down. prolly waiting till the weekend to paint though.

we've started talking about possibly moving somewhere closer to where RTO works.  but there's a lot that needs to be done. Funny how all the projects we've put off will be done just so we can leave. eh, we'll see.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

limping over the finish line...

made it through the first weekend of Mousetrap in spite of the dogs.

last Tuesday they took off after some ducks and I was determined not to let them go so they dragged me a few feet and I bent my right leg kinda funny before letting them go.  so a week later it's still a little hurty, I had someone look at it, nothing broken but it will probably take two months to heal completely.  I'm not limping as pronouncedly as I was the first couple days at least, so by opening night I was fine.

anyhoo supposed to lay off the knee for the next week or so and got some drugs for the pain. Dogs will have to walk separately from now on. This will eat up a bit more time than usual, but on the plus side I'm finally starting to lose some weight.

Friday, March 20, 2015

one week

til opening.  had a good board preview so I don't have to go back til Monday! still am really slow at reading though. 

finished my 20th book for the year last week, Inside of a Dog. or week before last, I don't remember. it seems like forever ago.

finished the eagle needle point and immediately took it to Hobby Lobby to frame it. should see it in April. yay! so I think I'm going to try a tiny sweater next. we'll see.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

plugging along

to the point I should have my show memorized. have been trying to record, but the computer is not cooperating. have been watching tv and working on the flag/eagle thing.  got the flag done and started on the eagle wing and filling in when I get tired of thinking.

Oh, haven't mentioned the new dog.  Her name is Ella and she's a black lab mix about three years old.  already knew sit, though I think we use it more than she was used to. anyhoo, she quickly learned not to mess with the cats.  or not to chase them at least.  she still stares at them and sometimes whines cause they don't like her.

still reading a bit.

and I'm turning 40 here shortly. yay!