Tuesday, January 25, 2005

White House theater roundup

watched a few movies last week. a quick recap.

Lagaan - Indian film. I lu-u-uv them, this one was a bit long, but you know it's good when both RTO and I are on the edge of our seats for the last twenty minutes. I also thought it was amusing that there were also english speaking characters and a musical bit mixing both eastern and western music. yay!

Return of the Dragon- huh? all i remember is kitten interspersed in fight scene with Chuck Norris. otherwise, pretty boring. so we decided to watch another one.

Double Jeopardy- another snoozer, ashley judd was just a little tooo low key, pretty anticlimactic. good concept, poor execution, even with tommy lee jones soooo we decided to watch the third movie we had.

Men of Honor-better, not my favorite kind of cheese, but it did grab my attention. but it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth like the other two. yay!

Sunday I caught the Devil and Ms. Jones. entertaining, not tooooo commie, it was a different time, eh?

so now we have to wait for more movies to arrive (netflix, yay!) at least there are some things on the tivo now.