Sunday, March 13, 2005

Carnival of the Cats!!!

sunday's are for napping, but we'll make an exception for the Carnival of the Cats! Posted by Hello

c'mon eddie!

Gretchen Ross at THE GREEN LANTERN presents Open Season On Wisconsin Cats Proposed

Kitties shoot back!!! i knew they were up to something. Hope Miss O'hara knows about what's living in her house.

Jae Walker at View from the Castle has another take. His kitty seems a little too interested in this story.

I have to keep an eye on my cat, she's always trying to take my place.
yeah, who's robe is that? Posted by Hello

you can see the hate in her eyes while she plans my demise.

Northstar at People's republic of seabrook also discusses kitty violence. (and on a side note to mr. northstar, state cat of TX my pinkytoe!)

Blog d'ellison offers a RFOAC giving his cats time off, yeah, that's it. let us know when you cave in to giving them more treats.

lynn at your moosey fate, has kitten pictures. yeah, they're cute till they grow up into big ugly cats. you know, always making demands, snubbing food, and stomping on you in your sleep.

Adam sends a pic of his cat, Higgins, in the dryer. Posted by Hello

we get a little kitty payback from Tommy at Striving for average. yeah, sweety, you don't control everything.

Harley & Tinker, Curiouser & Curiouser, look into our eyes!!!! the kitties need more fooooood, yessssss.... and sssscritchessssss.

Elvis demands attention from Deb at sugarfused. it's probably okay, just this once...

Adrianne sends a kitty poem. I don't know about you, but kitty feet ain't always the daintiest things, particularly when they land on your stomach.

Pixel and Pica, repose? looks more like "Dude! when's the last time you brushed you teeth?"

Sorry Brian, but any cat that came between me and my donuts? IT'S ON!!!!! fortunatly, my kitties are well trained. ;D

MJ at nycbabylon is answering questions again.

is the CIA experimenting on Colin? I'd be running scared too.

El Capitan discusses kibble. wouldn't like the kitties choking, and it makes the cat yak easier to clean up. yay!

Darcey, from Dust My Broom, has pictures of a furball actually doing something useful. particularly if your afraid of snakes. speaking of snakes, check out this post from mountaineer musing.

Are they anxious for Tom to come in? or keeping a lookout while their friend on the counter reads magazines?

and as if you all forgot why the internet was invented. josh sends a reminder.

sb poet sends kitty links. you should check them out. i really liked the smart cat door, no more "surprise gifts"

Another useful cat (paperweight), from Rachel at Fiat Lux.

storyteller has an equally useful cat, except she requires more grooming. the other really would like to help, my kitties do the same, gotta keep that string under control.

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Ogre sends Iron vs. Cat! i was hoping for some kung-fu. oh well.

i got nothin' here at, emily is toooo cute.

Trish sends pixilated cats and freaky cats.

then there's big cats from romeocat. and bossy cats. and butler cats?

Place your bets folks! it's FRISKY RACES!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! though i'm not sure what he's racing, maybe it's a timed thing.

maybe sissy should invest in a smart cat door. oops, never mind. yep, keep convincing them your working babe. they really are sweet though, aren't they?

Bar gives us a picture of Sasha soaking up the sunshine.

Spectra hunts birds, while the others at Cascade Exposures lounge around.

Bazel Rulz!!!! at mind of mog, but not as much as Edloe apparently. (is that a new header? i like it.)

Don't forget that Ferdinand is tough as well as smart.

Lisa Kay mentions the puppyblender's snub of CoTC and gives of pictures of her two furballs. indeed.

Mira's kitty may be party-ing a little hard. looks like the others joined in also.

Thanks, for letting me host this week's Carnival, if I've missed anyone, please let me know.
now, back to napping. Posted by Hello

d'oh, we got some late-comers from Music and Cats. we coulda posted it a little earlier, but we just woke up.

aaaaaand here's Roxie and Velma at DED Space.