Thursday, March 03, 2005

use my last name!!!!!

my real name (jennifer) was the most popular name for the year i was born. i grew up always having my last name or initial called to distinguish me from my classmates. so i'm conditioned to just listen for my last name. Jennifer? could be anybody, i don't usually jump at it. sooo yesterday when i was at the allergy clinic they had to call my name several times. I'm sure they thought i was just crazy. I explained to one person that i listen for my last name, and she said, they weren't allowed to use it because of HIPPA. grrrrrr. other funny thing about the allergist's i was telling RTO that it's kinda weird when i go there because they know i'm me before i tell them. He was like, well, they do have your name on the schedule. okay, they've had it at other places too, but they don't use it. and they also know that we're related. one nurse asked if he was my dad. hee hee. i said no it's my husband and she appologized rather profusely. she said that was just the most common relationship she came across, parent and child, "but then i noticed your ages" it's okay, there have been similar occurences.