Monday, July 18, 2005

i thought this only happened in funny movies....

Tecumseh Resident Remains Critical After Four Snake Bites

OKLAHOMA CITY(AP) _ A Tecumseh man remains hospitalized in critical condition after being bitten four times by two different snakes. James Cave's wife Gloria says Cave was working at a garage near his home Sunday when he felt a pain in his foot and reached down and was bitten in the hand and foot by a pygmy rattlesnake. Gloria Cave says Cave then fell backward over a barrel and onto a copperhead that bit him in the foot and groin. Cave's son and a neighbor drove him to a nearby hospital where he received antivenin and then was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital where he remains. Neil Garrison with the Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City says it's unusual for someone to run into two poisonous snakes at once. And he says snakes usually don't strike unless provoked, stepped on or humans just get too close. Garrison says one tip is to never put your hands or feet into areas where you can't see.

Source: Associated Press