Thursday, July 21, 2005

more weird dreams

rto asked why i don't tell him about my dreams anymore or just post them. well, there are a couple reasons. one, he used to tell me he thought he was really good at interpreting dreams, and most of his friends agreed, but the first few i told him about he'd just look at me and say "i don't know ,that's just weird." ;D second, he's not home right now, so here goes... got up early today, but conked out on the couch later. in my dream i was sleeping on the couch and heard something outside, i looked out the window and saw a koala bear and babies in a small tree just outside the window, it took a minute to register that this was not normal. i looked again, and sure enough there were koalas and roxie was trying to eat them. i grabbed my camera and got a few pictures then decided to chance going outside to get more. i got there just in time to watch the koala duck into a pipe going into the house.

so then there's this little girl by the tree and it now has little ornaments on it. edible ones in star and texas shapes(who knows?) but i'm thinking "how did she get in the back yard?" eh, she's tiny. then i see puppies coming from the side of the house, so i go around the corner and there's this lady. i ask why she's in my backyard and she tells me it's to get here puppies. well, 'how did you get back here, the gate is locked" she says yeah, she climbed over and then broke the lock. that made me mad, i explained that there's a lock on the gate so roxie won't get out, she can open the gate, but this lady was ignoring me, told me i was too uptight or somesuch and that she'd come visit her puppies whenever she liked. grrrrrr. i told her to take her puppies and get off my property. she blew me off, and i threatened to blog about any stupid stuff she did.