Tuesday, July 19, 2005

stalking rto

so last night i'm coming home and i see rto sitting at the light waiting to make a left turn out of our neighborhood. so i turned around and followed him. (i didn't make the light, but i saw him turn into the home despot, thought "it's ten after ten you goof, they won't be open" so i pulled into the parking lot, he was driving away from the building, we met at the corner, i thought surely he recognized me!? but apparently not, i started to turn to pull up next to him and he gave me a really nasty look and drove off. (about this time i also saw a little black cat come crawling out of a storm drain there, too cute!) so i kept following him, he didn't go home, he went to wal-mart, and he didn't seem to mind that i was following him so surely he'd figured it out now. no. i parked right across from him, but he didn't notice, he rushed into the store, i followed, yelled at him before he got in the door.... nothing. finally caught up with him in the paint aisle. yeah, way to be mindful of your surroundings turkey!