Wednesday, July 20, 2005


i don't know what's going on, but the last couple days i have been dragging. i'm having really intense dreams (last night/this morning, i visited new york) and just don't feel rested when i get up. oh well, had to make a pot of coffee today. (i make a pot and since rto has decided to quit drinking the stuff at home it lasts me a while) forgot to put the lid on the pot (or caraffe if we have to be technical) it's stainless steel, so i was wondering what was up with the thing, it was making so much noise, thought maybe i should check to make sure cofffee wasn't just being dumped on the counter, but thought, no, that definitely sounds metallic. went to pour a cup and noticed top was missing. huh. found it by the sink.

anyhoo, i should work on some words today. we're supposed to run through elixer tonight, we ran the second act last night, it went okay, but there are still a couple spots where i just have no clue what the words are.

the bathroom is now primed. yay! i need to finish up the window in there(will post pics soon)