Wednesday, August 03, 2005

don't sneeze at the allergist's office...

where to start? i finally went to get a shot today. (only took me two and a half weeks) anyhoo, i sneezed a couple times before i got my shot. told the nurse that , no, i hadn't been doing that all day. got my shot, sat out in the lobby waiting my thirty minutes and reading the paper. sneezed a couple more times. nurse came out to check on me.

nurse: you sneezed a couple times before your injection, are you okay?
MK: yeah, i'm fine, i didn't sneeze at all until i got here, i promise.
nurse: does your throat feel ticklish?
MK: no, i'm fine, really.
nurse: well, you let me know if anything changes.
MK: yes, of course.

thank god my nose didn't start bleeding. had that happen once(years ago, when i was in high school) and wound up having the inside of my nose burned. they went nuts. though i did get a dr. pepper out of the ordeal. lets just say people messing with me tends to make me faint. whee!

so maybe tomorrow i'll venture outside again and get my car fixed up. it's time for an oil change and probably tire rotation and all that other crap they do with tires. hopefully nothing else needs to be done cause um that would cost money and that's not a good thing right now. maggie needs a job.