Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i made these shelves over the last couple of days. Posted by Picasa

the fun details: rto had put some pieces together before, sort of, i was never real clear on exactly what happened, thought maybe he decided that nailing them together didn't quite work. so i got some wood screws, took all the nails out and put the pieces together. it was pretty snug over the box, so i measured the inside and headed off to home despot. didn't find anything pre-made that would fit, headed to the walmart next door. bought some little metal shelf thing that was only ten bucks. it didn't fit (it's in the closet now), i really hadn't mis-measured. found extra pieces of mdf in the garage and decided to cut one for a new shelf. found the jig saw, but it didn't have any blades. so i cut it by hand with a saw. screwed the two side bits on(one side outside the armoire and the other after i had put the shelf inside otherwise i'd never get it in there) yesterday i decided to go ahead and add the second shelf had a couple scrap pieces all ready to go for legs, had to cut a couple more and the shelf itself. it's not the prettiest project but it's doing it's job.