Saturday, August 06, 2005

i'd forgotten

about how crazy paranoid i'd been years ago. i don't know if i've mentioned it here but i quit taking my depressions meds a couple months ago. things had been going okay (meaning, not worse than when i was taking the stuff, which really isn't saying much) but now i don't have anything lined up to keep me busy so this hasn't been the best of weeks. top it off with being kinda jumpy last night, going to bed and keeping the lamp and tv on and not really getting to sleep till four. course rto is gone this weekend which maybe made it worse. i don't know. so anyone have some leads on people that will pay me to never leave my house?

on a different note (ha) lately i've been playing through operas to pass the time. man! i'd forgotten how much i love some of these things. got Don Pasquale in the mail today so i'm set for living opera's next season. last night i played through the second act of tosca. mmmmmm, melodrama. hopefully this will improve my playing skills. yeah, that's it.