Monday, October 10, 2005


so just going through the usual "rto's back and messing with my routine and i'm getting really annoyed" friday we had some shouting matches about messing with my internet connection. it got reallllly slow. rto being on it was the only thing different so of course it was his fault. he didn't agree.

MK: what did you do to my internet?

RTO: nothing, what's wrong?

MK: it's really slow.

RTO: oh, here let me try something.



MK: what did you do?

RTO: oh, i just put the router back the way it was.


RTO: i "changed the channel" on it. some work better than others.

MK: uh huh, and yet you just said that you hadn't done anything.

so this was followed by messing with my laptop and deciding that it had some problems. which rto fixed, or so he said. the anti virus software has quit working and quickbooks won't open. so rto fiddles with it some more and says it's got all kinds of crap on it and we'll just have to re-install everything. *sigh* so yesterday i moved pictures and stuff onto the desktop and let rto do his thing. seems to be working now, will take some time to get the settings back how i like them, and find some of my bookmarks.

so am i smoking crack for thinking that his downloading tv shows and movies slows down the dsl connection?