Tuesday, October 04, 2005

at least it wasn't because he lives in a trailer with 499 other people....

yesterday in a review of Nash #1 Dave of Dave's Longbox rambled about what the potential audience was for the comic.

Who is the target audience for this book? You gotta know that even in 1999 there were only so many Nash fans in the world. And of that group, not all of them read comics – or even read, really. I figure there are like, 2,500 people world wide who eagerly awaited the publication of Nash #1. And that’s being generous. Out of those 2,500, I’d say about 500 are probably related, or at least live in the same trailer, so they’re sharing an issue. Probably 500 potential readers are female fans who can’t get enough of Big Sexy and are drawn by the photo cover – but the interior art only superficially looks like Nash, so only half of those women actually buy the book. I’m guessing 100 potential buyers opened the first page, saw all the intimidating text, and put it down. 100 more underage buyers were “cock blocked” by their parents, who flipped through the comic, saw the sex scene, and made their kid buy Youngblood instead. That leaves only about 1,800 people who actually bought this comic – and of those purchases, 500 were gag gifts and 100 were from confused stoners who thought the book was called Hash. All in all, the numbers don’t look good for Nash.

so the obvious question is why did Dave buy it? Dave responded:

I'm going to go with the lame but time-honored excuse: "It was in a four-for-a-dollar box." No, seriously. You know what? That's this week's new theme - "It Came From The Quarter Box." Thanks Maggie! :)

glad I could help! or not, cause this weeks comics are gonna be bad, or maybe so bad they're good. we'll see.