Sunday, October 02, 2005

audition update time.....

had been putting off writing about this weekend's activities. i've done a couple auditions this weekend. one yesterday for Rockwall Community Playhouse's production of Cinderella. and one for a new local opera company (yeah, another one, can you beleive it?)

anyhoo, the cinderella audition was interesting as i hadn't done anything like that for a while. got to sit and listen to everyone sing and then had some readings and finally dancing. ho ho. i so cannot dance. actually, i think i did okay on the waltzing part(it's just walking backwards in time). it was the step-ball-change, step-ball-change, turning and crossing and then do it all over again that got me. i'd blame my shoes, but we all know better. (for the record, the shoes only look like character shoes but they have treads on the soles, so they weren't so conducive to spinning on carpet.) (just got called, yay! i'll be one of the stepsisters, which one tbd) so backing up, i was explaining to rto the other night why i was shooting for a step sister. 1) i'm too old for cindy, and 2) even though i've done the fairy godmother before, that was in high school, and they'd probably want someone older than me for that. so who's left? not only that, but man, i'm still inspired by suzanna oakley's performance of portia back then. she was hilarious. i hope i can be even half as funny as whoever i end up as.

moving on, today was the opera audition. i'm not sure what to make of it. wasn't the best performance i've ever done, but also wasn't the best place i've ever auditioned in either. got me to thinking about practicing. you know? it's hard to get up the energy to prepare for all of like two minutes of performance. i know that's so not the attitude to have about it, but that's how i'm thinking. cost/benefit, and not a very reasonable one at that, i mean, yeah, if i'd practiced more i'd be in better shape and more likely to get cast which would lead to more performance time which would help me get more motivated to practice. *sigh*

anyhoo, sounds like i'll be busy for the next month at least.