Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oh yeah, you were hit by a hurricane.

mom called this afternoon to let me know they're doing okay. still no power at their house and no cell phone. (she was calling from dad's office) power co. says they expect to be up to 95% by Nov. 15. i get the impression that mom thinks they'll be one of the last to have power restored. yay!

i feel kinda bad for forgetting, i told her it really hasn't been in the news here. only one story in the DMN today on page 13. yeah, that's it. i told her there just aren't enough poor black people trapped in a stadium with no food or water and resorting to cannibalism where she lives.

okay, i stand corrected, channel 5 news just ran a blurb about an upcoming story on florida. people are running out of water. WHO'S TO BLAME!!!!????? yeah, they really asked that. i can't wait to find out.