Thursday, October 27, 2005


so, i told myself i was going to try and conform to rto hours once he got back from NO, but i haven't been very successful. any ideas? this wasn't a problem before, but i don't know what's different now. maybe it's related to it being "that time o' the year". on the other hand it's different than usual. i mean i've got about the same motivation level as usual, but the crying? not so much. i just don't care. yay! i drag myself to rehearsals, and somehow they turn out not as bad as i fear they might. (i've got a lot more memorized than i thought i would considering i don't really look at it outside of rehearsal time) sometimes i think i'll go play the piano for a while then i get there and just stare at it cause nothing feels right for the mood i'm in. (and the piano is scary out of tune) keep thinking i'll start painting or drawing again but what? bored, bored, bored. eh, i wouldn't really call it boredom, there's plenty to do, just nothing sounds good.